What if I know you’ve already replayed what I want for someone else – may I have it at a cut rate?

No, you may not. The label who paid for the replay/re-vocal now owns the copyright of that recording. We may use the same singers/instruments/plugins but your replay will be a different, original performance, of which you will own the copyright (once you’ve paid for it).

Have you any specialities or favourites? Are there any tracks you wouldn’t replay?

The 80s are great for replaying – play me a synth part and I’ll name you the synth, the patch, and can reproduce it. Disco strings and funk horns are also favourites. Guitars, bass, flute, piano, drums, percussion, gospel choir – you name it, we’ll replay it.

How do you deliver replays? Will you send separated stems?

We’ll deliver the replay however you’d like it. We’ll send separate stems and even midi parts where possible if you ask.

Have your replays or re-vocals ever been mistaken as the real thing?

Yes, we’ve had to show proof for re-productions of The Doors “The End” for Dirty South “The End” (the Doors music, not the vocal), Andrew Meller “Born Slippy”, Xpansions “Move Your Body” to name a few.

How close can you get the replay of my sample?

Pretty close. We hope our previous and current work speaks for itself.