Request Form


Request Form

Terms agreed are as stated below. All information is strictly confidential.

Terms Agreed

  1. Payment terms: half in advance, half on completion. The full fee constitutes a ‘buy out’ and you will own the copyright of the new recording that we deliver.

  2. Without accurate time stamps referencing exactly what you need replayed from the original track we cannot be held responsible for missing sampled sections. Re-recording will incur an additional fee and delivery delay.

  3. After we deliver your replay/re-vocal we will make as many reasonably requested amendments as necessary.

  4. If requested, you must agree to sign a letter confirming the label copy credits for all the musicians/vocalists and eligible studio producers involved in the recording of the replayed sample(s) in order that they may claim non-featured performer royalties (neighbouring rights) where applicable. These royalties are paid by broadcasters and do not affect the artist’s share.